Matt Saunders, ‘Brigitte in the Reeds (from Menschen am Sonntag)’, 2014, Niels Borch Jensen Gallery and Editions

Publisher: Niels Borch Jensen Editions

About Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders makes color and black-and-white photographs and videos in which he combines hand-drawn renderings of individual frames from films with mostly-abstract, original passages. His photographic prints are made without a camera, instead using materials such as oil paint, ink, mylar, and linen to create the imagined “negative” for an image, which he then places on photo paper and passes light through. “I'm interested in the private experience of a performance and its mediation,” Saunders explained in a 2011 interview. “These are singular moments of a captured performance...The changing time in the film, my changing relationship to the image over time, and the place of that performance in all the unrecoupable parts of [the actors’] lives are all time-based processes that I engage in the work.”

American, b. 1975, Tacoma, Washington, based in Berlin, Germany