Matthew Hawtin, ‘"Redy"’, 2016, Scott White Contemporary Art

About Matthew Hawtin

Seeking to channel subjective experiences into art, Matthew Hawtin creates work that refines painting into its essential properties of line and form. With a historical connection to Suprematism, Hawtin’s “Torqued” series consists of monochromatic, acrylic paintings on irregularly shaped canvases. The paintings assume a sculptural presence on the wall as their molded stretchers and torqued surfaces project the thick, flat layers of paint into three-dimensional space. Hawtin, who has a close connection with electronic music, creates the work as both a formal experiment and an effort to articulate otherwise ineffable feelings and sensibilities. “The work is quite silent in nature but I’d like to think that there are sounds out there that can describe what I do visually,” he has said.

British-Canadian, b. 1972, Banbury, United Kingdom, based in Windsor, Canada