Matthew King, ‘#172 (The Vanishing American)’, 2016, Harper's Books

About Matthew King

Matthew King eschews fixed definitions and distinctions in punchy mixed media artworks, in which he crosses painting with sculpture, abstraction with representation, art with the utilitarian, and high with low. He works with shaped panels of pressed wood, or with squares and rectangles of aluminum. King adorns the surfaces of these with boldly painted zigzag patterns, recalling Op Art compositions, or with stripes and geometric blocks of color, sometimes combined with cut-apart images culled from vintage advertisements, newspapers, and magazines. These paintings-cum-sculptures may be displayed leaning against, hanging on, or peeling away from the wall. Fragmented images of cowboys and their horses, interrupted by monochromatic squares, triangles, or stripes, appear in a number of King’s compositions, collapsing references to Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction, Op Art, and advertising into a striking visual mash-up.

American , b. 1986, based in Somerville, Massachusetts

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