Matthew McKee, ‘Orange you glad’, 2015, Contempop Gallery

The Sweet Blasts! Portfolio represents my own apprehension with our intersections of technology with natural systems. The series is not meant to be anti- or pro- anything.
In my mind, it encompasses everything from genetic manipulations to cyber connectivity. Our impact on processes and evolutions that have been tested and processed over millennia are now being altered at a violent pace.
And, our solutions to the problems that we are solving immediately will ultimately have an impact that will be felt far into the future.
Yet, violent change is not new and is a part of the galactic system.
The question, and my apprehension, is whether we will feel the impact now or in 10 years. What will exist to feel the impact in 1000 years?
Each series are printed in different sizes for maximum impact and collectibility. The images are processed using dye sublimation on polished aluminum sheets. Each piece is signed and numbered on the back by the artist.
These images are created on polished aluminum and are ready to hang with a simple picture hook or with more sophisticated hanging systems.