Matthew Monteith, ‘Slapy’, 2002, Rosier Gallery

About Matthew Monteith

In his photographs, Matthew Monteith explores the line between reality and the idyllic, paying special attention to the various ways people isolate themselves, whether in cars or institutions such as hospitals and classrooms. Citing artists Andreas Gursky, Vik Muniz, and Thomas Demand as influences, Monteith is interested in exploring concepts of photographic truth and the constructed image. In his series “Czech Eden”, which consists of photographs taken while on a Fulbright Scholarship from 2001–02, he creates contemporary reflections on the idealized world of postcard imagery and found photographs. Even when focused on particular places, his brilliantly colored and detailed images capture global desires for knowledge and utopia, as well as speaking to universal issues like consumption.

American , b. 1974, Howell, Michigan