Matthew Ronay, ‘02.24.14’, 2014, Nils Stærk

About Matthew Ronay

Matthew Ronay’s elaborate constructed installations explore essential questions of faith and existence, incorporating performance and sculpted forms in papier-mâché, fabric, and raw wood. The contemporary relics he creates evoke ceremonial sites where the viewer can step out of the everyday world, connect with the primitive, and tap into inherited memory. Ronay first became known for his work done in a more brash vocabulary, with colorful sculptures referencing society’s obsession with pornography and consumption, made of glossy lacquered medium density fiberboard. Regardless of the subject, the artist approaches the work the same way, beginning with drawing to form the “birth point” of his ideas and then sculpting intuitively from there.

American, b. 1976, Louisville, Kentucky, based in Brooklyn, New York