Matthew Sullivan, ‘Pair of Odette Chairs’, 2013, CMA: Benefit Auction 2017

Unique, one of a kind pair

Matthew Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan’s Los Angeles-based design firm AQQ creates functional post-modern design with a cheeky aesthetic. In Sullivan’s own words, “AQQ holds that life is deeply horrible but one can still be profoundly optimistic. Possibilities are endless but not for the reasons that most idiots think. To strive for an ultimate belief in an empiric view of the world, that our senses and sequences give us, is wise when we are children, but ludicrous when we are aged. We should constantly strain our necks, and hearing, to eavesdrop on that which is unstable and strike when the mystical synapse, to that which is non-human, opens. Sometimes the expression of this can be a chair.” The children’s pieces Sullivan creates for kM grow with the child, transitioning seamlessly from work to play, and from childhood into adulthood. Sullivan has been featured in Wallpaper*, Modern Magazine, Art Papers, and Sight Unseen.

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Image rights: Courtesy of kinder MODERN

Manufacturer: kinder MODERN