Matthew Varey, ‘The Red Hill Expressway’, 2006 -2007, Waddington's
Matthew Varey, ‘The Red Hill Expressway’, 2006 -2007, Waddington's

Prolific artist Matthew Varey’s career has spanned nearly 30 years and has included work in sculpture, photography, installation and painting. His influences, processes and preferences for various media have evolved over the course of his career; at one point his focus resting on “statementmaking”, that is, his works addressed social and political issues of the time and place in which he worked. Characteristic of Varey’s artistic style is a three-dimensional building and layering of paint and compositions of interlacing perspectives. Varey’s current focus is a deeper exploration into the possibilities of materials and processes.

Also a revered educator as the Head of Visual Art at Etobicoke School of
the Arts, Varey assists his students by preparing them for a life as working
artists. He has exhibited extensively in galleries and participated in art fairs
across Europe, Canada and the United States, including Art Miami and the
Toronto International Art Fair.
Courtesy of Waddington's

Signature: Signed, titled and dated 2006 - 2007 on the reverse

Private Collection, Toronto