Matthew Webb, ‘Green horsepower (Kyrgyz Shepherds, Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan)’, 2011, Pushkin House

Series: Carbon Journey.

Signature: Signed on verso.

Image rights: © Matthew Webb. All rights reserved.

Moscow Manege; Russian State Darwin (Natural History) Museum; Russian State Vodokanal Museum; Anichkova Palace; Central Hall Minsk; British Embassy Moscow; British Ambassador's Residence Moscow; Pushkin House London.

While not as productive as industrial machinery, horses still have their place in society and can provide a low carbon mode of travel across mountain ranges.

“We have ridden from Kyrgyzstan in search of work. We work as shepherds throughout the year for £150 per month which we send back to our family. The locals don’t like to do these long, tiring jobs but for us it is survival and we get paid here. For us working with nature is normal”.

Direct from the author.

About Matthew Webb

Documentary photographer Matthew Webb has examined a diverse range of subject matter, from globalization, Soviet space exploration, and the confrontation between the urban and the rural, to personal narratives of individual families or communities. Working predominantly in black-and- white—to foreground the human experience rather than the play of color and light—he has captured images in the United Kingdom, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and China. Primarily fascinated by the tension between modernization and tradition, Webb searches for the common experiences between disparate places.

British , b. 1980, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, based in Brasília - Federal District, Brazil