Matthew Webb, ‘Lessons from the past (Almaty, Kazakhstan)’, 2013, Pushkin House

Series: Carbon Journey.

Signature: Signed on verso.

Image rights: © Matthew Webb. All rights reserved.

Moscow Manege; Russian State Darwin (Natural History) Museum; Russian State Vodokanal Museum; Anichkova Palace; British Embassy Moscow; British Ambassador's Residence Moscow

Traditional yurts provide natural cooling through sophisticated airflows between layers of fabric. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

“It took me more than two years to weave the cover of this yurt. Now that it is finally complete I need to sell it to feed my family. Previously we would live in the mountains but we are spending less and less time there as summers are getting shorter and we need to be close to the city when our children need to go to school” - craftswoman.

Direct from the author.

About Matthew Webb

Documentary photographer Matthew Webb has examined a diverse range of subject matter, from globalization, Soviet space exploration, and the confrontation between the urban and the rural, to personal narratives of individual families or communities. Working predominantly in black-and- white—to foreground the human experience rather than the play of color and light—he has captured images in the United Kingdom, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and China. Primarily fascinated by the tension between modernization and tradition, Webb searches for the common experiences between disparate places.

British , b. 1980, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, based in Brasília - Federal District, Brazil