Matthias Weischer, ‘Spalt (Gab)’, 2013, GRIMM

About Matthias Weischer

Matthias Weischer explores spatial constructions through a non-figurative, though not wholly abstract, lens. A founding member of the German New Leipzig School, Weischer describes his paintings as places where the perceptual and the possible meet. His images of interior spaces contain complicated depths; the foregrounds appear flat and the backgrounds seem to jut out. Weischer builds his paintings in an almost architectural way, layering transparent paint to build walls and decorating the spaces with impasto objects culled from 1950s furniture catalogues and 19th-century salons. The artist’s more recent works are less figural and feature objects floating against hazy gradient backgrounds. Weischer has also started exploring pulp painting, a technique in which paper pulp assumes a sculptural quality, as exemplified by Spalt (Gab) (2013).

German, b. 1973, Rheine, Germany, based in Leipzig, Germany