Maureen Chatfield, ‘Weights and Measures’, 2013, Rosenberg & Co.

About Maureen Chatfield

Referencing art history, mythology, and the work of such artists as Richard Diebenkorn, Franz Kline, and Pablo Picasso, Maureen Chatfield paints expressive, landscape-inspired abstract canvases. With shades of orange and red juxtaposed against more neutral hues, Chatfield’s dynamic compositions exist in vibrant harmony. Working quickly and intently, Chatfield layers oils and acrylics, building forms and colors such that traces of brushstrokes remain visible and creating finished canvases marked by paint drips and occasional impasto. Manifestations of emotional states, Chatfield’s paintings are discovered rather than planned. The artist bolsters her paintings’ unique and subjective contexts through evocative titles that alternately reference landscapes, as with Georgica Pond, and evoke emotional moments and relationships, as with the works Sunday and Joy Ride.

American, b. 1948

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