Max de Esteban, ‘Enclosed Within His Artificial Creation’, 2012, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

With the Proposition Three: Touch Me Not series, Max de Esteban continues his detailed investigation of a technology-mediated world. With this set of 15 photographs, the artist focuses upon the technological tools that, on the one hand, enable interaction between people, whilst at the same time disabling in-person interaction.

In these meticulously constructed photo-assemblages, Esteban digitally superimposes cell phones, gameboys and other instruments of social engagement. He reveals, how even in the construction and design of these digital tools, there is minimal evidence of human presence.

Series: Proposition Three: Touch Me Not

Signature: Label and Certificate.

Image rights: Max de Esteban

AIPAD Photo Show, New York, March 2013.

Direct from the artist.

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