Max Lamb, ‘Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase No. 4’, 2014, Cultured Magazine
Max Lamb, ‘Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase No. 4’, 2014, Cultured Magazine

Marmoreal is a new engineered marble for architectural surfaces designed by Max Lamb for Dzek. This unique vase is constructed from the very first Marmoreal prototype material. The prototype was produced to study engineered stones and the recipe for it pushed hard against the existing industrial construct. Max selected aggregates so large that they needed to be hand loaded into the mixer. This first version of Marmoreal was considered non-producible, but from it Dzek and Lamb were able to prototype a few furnishings, tile Lamb's bathroom, and make this very special series of vases. These pieces were produced with the last remaining prototype material.

Max Lamb has an extensive series of Scrap furnishings and objects began within his Poly range of work. Lamb’s reassembled EPS off-cuts from his monolithic carvings provided him with a more experimental outlet within the same body of work. With Marmoreal Scrap Scrap, Max is equally resourceful in extending both the notion of the Scrap Series and the life of the remaining bits of Marmoreal prototype.

Manufacturer: Produced by Dzek

About Max Lamb

British designer Max Lamb has travelled to China, Australia, the Catskills in New York, and closer to home—the beaches of Cornwall, England—to source materials for his one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Whether forging chairs from solid Chinese granite, crafting tables from sheets of steel, or casting pewter stools in sand, in an age-old technique that entails digging into the beach and filling it with molten metal, Lamb’s methods are often labor-intensive and deeply entwined with his materials. Other works have incorporated hand-crafted plaster carved with stonemasonry tools, manmade marble, bronze, aluminum, and dowel.

British, b. 1980, Cornwall, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom