Max Razdow, ‘Four Headed Serpent ’, 2014, Kunstraum LLC

About Max Razdow

Drawing inspiration from science fiction, Max Razdow works across various media, including detailed pen and ink drawings, paintings, text pieces, and sculptures. Begun in 2008 and finished in 2013, “The Nebula Series” contains a maze of portals, passages, and entrances created in pen and ink. Nebula (2008), for example, shows a disorienting galaxy of infinitesimal stars positioned above an overwhelming network of trees, jutting cliffs, and unnatural formations. Similarly, in his “Dusk Drawings,” “Future Myths of the Surface,” and “We wait as banshees wait,” he captures mythical universes. “I probably would say that science fiction writers are my singular greatest influence, though I look at a lot of art,” he has said.

American , b. 1978, Boston, Massachusetts, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

New York,
The Secret Life of Plants
New York,
JJ Manford, Max Razdow: Through Every Leaf