Maya Lin, ‘“Longitude Chaise,” from the “Earth is (Not) Flat” series’, ca. 1998, Phillips

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Manufacturer: Knoll International, USA

"Architect Maya Lin Creates Her First Line of Furniture for Knoll," Architectural Record, June 1998, vol. 186, p. 192
Brian Lutz, Knoll: A Modernist Universe, New York, 2010, p. 253

About Maya Lin

Best known for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. while still an undergraduate at Yale, Maya Lin has created works that reflect an environmentalist ethos. Frequently working in a large scale with technological tools such as sonar maps and satellite images, Lin re-imagines and reconstructs the often hard-to-discern contours of the earth in gallery installations. For her well-known sculpture Water Line (2006), Lin used wire suspended from the ceiling to render actual topography of the ocean floor, imparting to viewers an eye-level perspective.

American, b. 1959, Athens, Ohio, based in New York, NY; Colorado