Maya Wachtel, ‘"Birds in the dark"’, 2011, Kitano Alley Gallery

While growing up in Haifa I was surrounded by nature and plenty of pine and citers trees. I started my art studies in an art school in the midst of a nature reserve and again I was surrounded by pine and citers trees. Nature’s influence thus filtrated to many of my paintings.
For an artist, the “language” of her/his paintings takes many years to develop until a coherent, solidified, and personalized language emerges. The process begins from various images, leading to a “sentence” and eventually to a “story”. The story varies each time but the basic “language” evolves to form new paintings each time. The mystery of the artistic process remains unsolved but I have learnt to enjoy the process and not necessarily control it. The mixture of my artistic sources is a composition of daily life, my surroundings, politics and nature and some other ingredients that are unknown to me. And all this enters a 30X30 cm or 2X2 meter painting.


1979-1980: Ein Hod Art School, Israel
1985-1988: Ohio State University, Art studies.
1990-1993: Beit Berl, Midrasha, Art Academy
2003-2004: Camera Obscura Art School, Critical Theories and Curator seminar.


1993 - Yeffet Gallery (Jaffa), single.
1994 - Marry Fausi Gallery (Tel Aviv), two group exhibits.
1995 - Alharizy Gallery (Tel Aviv), group.
1998 - Nehama Gallery (Jaffa), single.
2000 - Gross Gallery (Tel Aviv), one single and one group exhibit.
2002 - Limbus Gallery (Tel Aviv), two group exhibits, one with the Titelbaum independent Group.
2003 - Ashdot Yaakov Museum, group.
2004 - Ramat-Gan Museum for Israeli Art: co-curator + exhibitor.
2005 - Nahshon Gallery, Kibbutz Nahshon, single.
2005 - Ashdot Yaakov Museum, group.
2006 - Grip, Mutagim, Tel-Aviv, group.
2006 -2012: various single and group exhibits.
2014 - Munich, Germany, Contemporary Israeli Art – Group exhibition
2015, 2016 - "Art Space" Gallery, Tel Aviv, Group exhibition
2017 – "Intimacy" – a three women's group exhibition, Artist Studion

Other activities

Co-founder of "Titelbaum" – an independent Art Poster, depicting few artists each month, designed to bypass the traditional galleries as a platform for independent artists.

About Maya Wachtel

Israel, b. 1957, Haifa, Israel, based in Kefar Neter, Israel