Maysey Craddock, ‘the sway of hidden shores ’, 2016, David Lusk Gallery

Image rights: courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

About Maysey Craddock

Maysey Craddock has always taken inspiration from the waterways of the American South. She grew up close to the Mississippi river in Tennessee and later settled in New Orleans where the bayou is omnipresent. Her paintings begin as photographs over which Craddock traces tributary-like lines; using gouache on paper bags, she creates worn, responsive canvases that mirror processes of natural degradation. Her interest in the delicate and the hidden is also reflected in her found-object wire sculptures and video work, which focus on seemingly overlooked sites. She is fascinated by ruin and decomposition, saying they are “spatial, rooted in architecture and entropy rather than the jarring shock of the violence of fire or the mortifying and repellent aura of pure decay.”

American, b. 1971, Memphis, Tennessee, based in Memphis, Tennessee