Mbali Mdluli, ‘Growing a hard skin… II’, 2016, ROOM Gallery & Projects

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Series: The works presented reflect on the artists’ continuing concern with the materiality of lens-based mediums, specifically in relation to their lassitude in the face of a lived experience. The personal narrative that informs this latest body of work titled "Habitat"relates to a moment of displacement that the artist endured in recent months. From strewn belongings, the artist retrieved a large collection of home décor and design magazines, which she then used as an intimate medium for the creation of this new body of work. In this moment, she confronts an urgency to cut, rip and tear into them; to essentially transform them into the undulating and contoured images presented as objects. As such, these works are a result of a personal, interrogative state. As objects, they function as emotional residue. By transitioning from the oeuvre for which is known - the two-dimensionality of the printed photograph - to the use of magazines, as layered, bound paper and textural objects; the artist intends to introduce a sculptural sensibility to her evolving process and practice. These imagined landscapes, with horizons that meander between smooth, rounded curves and jagged, geometric lines are the abstracted outcome of the artist’s attempt to portray the tensions that exist in expressing personal events.

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HABITAT is Mbali Mdluli’s third solo presentation

Artwork courtesy of the artist and ROOM Gallery & Projects (South Africa)

About Mbali Mdluli

South African, b. 1977, Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa