Mehmet Ali Uysal, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Pi Artworks Istanbul/London


About Mehmet Ali Uysal

Mehmet Ali Uysal’s sculptural interventions conceptualize presence and absence, with an awareness of the history of installation and site-specificity. In exterior settings, Uysal plays with volume and dimension: for Skin2, he placed an oversize clothes peg in a mound of earth. His interior works often engage with the architecture of the gallery, such as in his exhibition “Peel” (2013), in which he cut out of Gallery Nesrin Esirtgen’s walls thick slabs and voluminous curls. In Suspended Series/Meat (2014), engraved pieces of leather hang on metal hooks, visceral like raw flesh, a tongue-in-cheek reference to methods of framing and display.

Turkish , b. 1976, Mersin, Turkey

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