Mehreen Murtaza, ‘Telegram from the Future, Radiogram’, 2013, Grey Noise

Dimension: 36.83 x 55.25 x 3.91 cm (framed)
17.78 x 22.86 cm (molded paper)
12.95 x 18.28 cm (envelope) Edition: Unique

About Mehreen Murtaza

Mehreen Murtaza, who was originally trained in teaching, uses her multimedia practice to dissect the development of human civilization relative to both technology and nature. Murtaza engages traditional elements of Sufi culture, but approaches them with idiosyncratically contemporary means, such as cameras and image-editing software. The results are conceptually and pictorially multi-layered works that blend themes of myth, science fiction, superstition, and ritual. In the Great Patch Conspiracy (2012), for example, Murtaza gathered patch designs from real and fictional militia—from the Star Wars Rebel Forces to the First Gulf Strike in 1990—to be embroidered by hand and presented indistinguishably. Murtaza’s works sometimes carry a political inflection, but this is not her primary interest, as she is “more concerned with exploring the process of mediating the essence of an event through images.”

Pakistani, b. 1986, Lahore, Pakistan, based in Lahore, Pakistan