Melanie Pankau, ‘8760: hours (#1)’, 2013, McCormick Gallery

About Melanie Pankau

Melanie Pankau was trained in drawing, painting, and photography, and also briefly studied at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Her drawings and paintings correspondingly demonstrate multiple aesthetic sensibilities. Works in her series “Meditation Drawings” (2009) are attentive to tone, contour, and flowing forms, while the paintings of “Between Spaces” (2010-11) are composed of angular shapes with an emphasis on color. Geometry, layering, optical distortion, and iteration are recurring themes in her practice. These elements take new dimensions in her most recent series, “Accumulations” (2012), a suite of abstract paintings she exhibited alongside her notes and preparatory drawings. Pankau explained that, “By exhibiting the paintings as a process rather than as a static image, the archives act as a single marking of time representing the layers involved in producing a single painting.”

American, b. 1977, based in Chicago, Illinois