Melike Kara, ‘The Rhine’, 2016, Peres Projects

About Melike Kara

In her expressionist, rustic figures, Melike Kara negotiates the relationship between forms and gestures to explore social relationships and individual subjective states. A student of Rosemarie Trockel, Kara focuses on the immediacy of bodily forms rendered through frenetic accumulations of lines or small, misshapen clay figures. Regardless of media, Kara’s work is unmistakably of the artist’s hand. Although composed of simple forms and mostly monochromatic colors, the Cologne-based artist’s pieces attempt to convey emotional and psychological energy through gesture. Kara translates complex constellations of energy and feeling into recognizable forms placed in novel relation to one another.

German, b. 1985, Bensberg, Germany, based in Cologne, Germany