Melissa Cooke, ‘Tony's Slice (Pizza Face)’, 2015, Koplin Del Rio

About Melissa Cooke

In Melissa Cooke’s photorealistic compositions, photography, performance, and drawing converge. She uses photographs of her performances as departure points for sedulously composed drawings, applying thin layers of graphite onto paper using a dry brush. This allows her to create a uniform and luminescent surface without pencil marks of any kind. Her series “Surfaced” (2012) best exemplifies her approach: “I take photographs as I paint and pour liquids onto myself, using my face as a canvas,” she explains. “The photo shoot references the practice of drawing and painting; then the final graphite drawing references photography. The boundaries between the mediums are broken down and the processes are interwoven.”

American, b. 1982, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, based in New York, New York