Melissa Kretschmer, ‘Plane series #0927 ’, 2008, Alfonso Artiaco

About Melissa Kretschmer

Melissa Kretschmer likens her approach to materials—which include wood, glass, tar, ink, and beeswax—to that of a jazz musician interpreting a musical composition. She makes abstract, minimalist wall assemblages, sculptures, site-specific installations, works on paper, and videos. The artist considers her work variable and often unfinished. “A standard in jazz gets re-interpreted by different artists time and time again, its wholeness is both its basic structure and every variation brought to it, so that it’s never finalized,” she says. “All these things are very real, although never complete.” Among her projects is a series of installations in which she coated windows with beeswax layered in geometric patterns. Squares and strips recur throughout Kretschmer’s work, sometimes recalling the art forms of her husband, Carl Andre.

American, b. 1962, Santa Monica, California, based in New York, New York