Melissa Meyer, ‘Love me do (XV)’, 2010, IdeelArt
Melissa Meyer, ‘Love me do (XV)’, 2010, IdeelArt
Melissa Meyer, ‘Love me do (XV)’, 2010, IdeelArt

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Melissa Meyer's work is strongly influenced by color and line. Her brushstrokes and patterns possess a glyph-like quality, conveying a vibrant and deeply personal aesthetic language.

She has created a diverse oeuvre that includes oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints and large-scale public commissions.

Meyer masters a range of different printing techniques, including lithography, etching, monotype, silkscreen, and spit bite aquatint.

To create her unique monotypes she paints on acetate sheets with watercolors, running the sheets through a press, often transferring multiple layers onto paper to complete the final image.

This work is part of the Love Me Do series, printed by Anthony Kirk at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in 2010. The series is named after the Beatles’ song.

Because they are monotypes, each work is unique.

Signature: Right-hand and left-hand corner

From the artist’s studio

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