Merike Estna, ‘From liquid to hard to soft too hard’, 2017, Temnikova & Kasela

About Merike Estna

Merike Estna’s abstract paintings are composed of candy-colored pastel blue, yellow, and pink oil paints, inscribed with grooves that create shimmering, rhythmic patterns. She has recently begun to approach painting as an expanded field, placing her canvases in the context of multimedia installations that include moving images, sculpture, and performances. In these playful, environmental works, such as spinach and banana (2013), Estna arranges her paintings in various positions, tilting them against walls, hanging them, and placing them on their sides; she often extends patterns to fabrics heaped on the floor and small spheres placed on pedestals, or drills holes into canvases so that light shines through them. “There is a limited number of painters and a limited conception of what a painting could be,” she has said. “The aim is to open it up. To create an open situation with the work, without final answers.” Estna cites the German painter and installation artist Katharina Grosse as an influence on her work.

Estonian, b. 1980

Solo Shows

Merike Estna and Maria Metsalu Soft Scrub, Hard Body, Liquid Presence
Galería Karen Huber, 
México City, D.F.,

Group Shows

Galería Karen Huber, 
México City, D.F.,