Useless Beauty
Useless Beauty
Useless Beauty
Useless Beauty

Estes work is known for its use of varied depictions of natural “scenes”, whether stereotypical landscape views or underwater scenes. The beauty and fragility of life and the tragedy of man’s intervention is my subject. There are few paradises left. The artist uses found fabrics from Africa and elsewhere, coupled with mixed paint applications and photo transfers. Estes’ use of African prints has added to her vocabulary of forms and patterns. Often their prints use symbolic depictions of natural forms and were recognized by the artist as similar to her own abstracted natural forms and backgrounds. The manufactured prints add an exotic and surprising aspect to the work. This allows for greater variety and originality in the paintings and an added layer of content that is more specific and somewhat representational. Estes states, “I like the feeling of “craft” that results. The content and meaning of my work has become clearer to the viewer. I am interested in the wildly varied combination of found imagery and depictions of subject that this method has afforded me. From the inspiration of ancient Asian prints, to the contemporary printed motifs inspired by African fabrics, is quite a journey. Ironically, the hand painting has mostly disappeared. Collaged materials and photo imagery has opened a whole new world for me.”

Signature: Signed on verso

About Merion Estes

American, b. 1938, based in Los Angeles, California

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