Merlin Carpenter, ‘TATE CAFÉ 8’, 2011, Simon Lee Gallery
Merlin Carpenter, ‘TATE CAFÉ 8’, 2011, Simon Lee Gallery

About Merlin Carpenter

Merlin Carpenter explores the consumerism, fetishism, and elitism of the art world through stunt-like conceptual exhibitions. In his ongoing "The Opening" series, Carpenter signs blank canvases before each show's preview, producing the paintings only during the opening (generally resulting in black-on-white slurs against banks or collectors). He has also turned gallerists into studio assistants or had a collector reproduce 20 copies of an abstract painting. In the 2011 show “Heroes,” Carpenter's figurative paintings were accessible only to those who paid €5,000. For the general public, they could be seen as reproductions on a deck of cards.

British, 1967 , Pembury, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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