Metin Salih, ‘Chanel No. 14’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Diamond Dusted Artist's Proof International artist Metin Salih hails from a ‘Mad Men’ – esque background, having illustrated and painted for almost every agency and brand you can think of. Influenced and inspires by masters such as Sargeant, Reynolds, Varga, Robert McGinnis and Robert G. Harris, his boldly painted portraits are created from a truly unique colour palette merged with an experimental approach to this traditional genre. Metin has been continuously evolving his style as a contemporary artist in his own right. The illustration-based background is reflected in the hyper-real and graphic nature of the work. The accuracy and sophistication of his images is bolstered by a clear passion for painting. His highly expressive work is provocative and sexy, yet able to capture the intimacy and vulnerability of his subjects at the same time. The relationship between artist and sitter is on of ease and trust, resulting in a sense of individuality and character that shine though these beautifully alluring portraits. Primarily created with oil paint, he also fuses his work with unconventional elements such as cement and rusty nails; resulting in stunningly adventurous works of art that ooze with passion. Who's that woman? Marilyn Monroe. A woman, a lady, girl we gaze in awe and amazement at her beauty. She is bewitching, captivating, enchanting, entrancing, exquisite and glorious. Metin's use of colour is phenomenal, cobalt blue, navy, sapphire blue, hot, shocking pink all contrasting with pitch-black. Imperfection Beauty II medium is acrylic, oil and ink, printed and then diamond dusted.

About Metin Salih

International (Turkish, Italian), b. 1962, based in London, United Kingdom

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