Michael Aitken, ‘Razoul’, 2014, Mana Contemporary

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About Michael Aitken

Michael Aitken merges abstraction and representation in intuitive, richly worked paintings that reflect the sights and sounds of urban living, and his engagement with art history. His abstract passages and snatches of imagery—including references to Matisse and such everyday items as windows, potted plants, and architectural details—are often ensconced in or set in front of a grid. About his use of grids, Aitken explains: “I think I’m attracted to them because of the way they point to flatness and image production, or image duplication…I appropriate images and make them mine by wedging them into…or laying bits and pieces of them over or under sectioned-off units of flat space.” The surfaces of his works bear these marks of their making, a process of adding and paring down, and finding visual harmony.

American, b. 1987, based in Brooklyn, New York

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