Michaël Borremans, ‘The Man’, 2015, Zeno X Gallery

About Michaël Borremans

In his figurative drawings and paintings, Michaël Borremans' juxtaposes somber figures, jarring close-ups, and unsettling still lifes that are at once nostalgic, darkly comic, disturbing, and grotesque. His theatrical staging and enigmatic narratives recall the work of painters such as Odd Nerdrum, Eric Fischl, and Bo Bartlett; he is inspired by art history, but his unconventional compositions and curious narratives are distinctly contemporary. Borremans also works in film, and sometimes paints from film as well. "A filmed image has another quality—you use lenses, you use lights," he says. "You can get some painterly qualities even though it’s another language; it has its own poetry. I’m interested in cinematic esthetics, like going in and out of focus."

Belgian, b. 1963, based in Ghent, Belgium