Michael Buscemi, ‘Equality’, 2016, K. Imperial Fine Art

About Michael Buscemi

Michael Buscemi creates baroque imagery with minimal means in his complex monochromatic reliefs. “The white collages came to me in a quest to eliminate all existing media, leaving only light, shape, and shadow,” he says. “I love to make them undulate and allow the forms to remain organic yet suggestive.” Buscemi cuts layers of thick white paper, collaging and layering them into richly patterned, glowing compositions that straddle the division between sculpture and drawing. Similar to 18th-century decorative marble bas-reliefs, like those by Jan Baptist Xavery, Buscemi’s works are full of depth and space, form and light, composed of abstract, gestural elements. Though his flourishes and lyrical titles are suggestive, he leaves interpretation open to the viewer.