Michael Craig-Martin, ‘Tulips (after Robert Mapplethorpe)’, 2017, Bridgeman Editions

Turkish Tulips Portfolio
We are proud to introduce Turkish Tulips. This limited edition of 25 portfolio is the third in a series of The House of Fairy Tales art portfolios.
100% of profits to The House of Fairy Tales.
About Turkish Tulips portfolio

Turkish Tulips portfolio is The House of Fairy Tales third fine art portfolio co-curated with Gavin Turk. Bringing new perspectives to the symbolism behind this iconic flower, 19 artists helped create a unqiue portfolio of blooms in a variety of processes, from screen prints, lithographs to etchings and hand-finished digital pints.

For the portfolio the artist has maintained his artistic proposition of only making images of fabricated, non-natural objects by taking his iconic image of tulips from the well-known photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, rather than from actual flowers. His signature lines and block colour transform the image into bold contemporary design.

Series: Turkish Tulips

About Michael Craig-Martin

Conceptual artist Michael Craig-Martin—who taught Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, and others at London's Goldsmiths College in the 1970s—is often called the godfather of the Young British Artists. His early work referenced Minimalism and Dada's depiction of mass-produced objects. These objects form Craig-Martin's most recognizable works, paintings in which about 200 familiar items (eyeglasses, milk bottles, scissors) are depicted both realistically and graphically, represented in lurid, unexpected color combinations and black outline. The seminal piece An Oak Tree (1973) consists of a glass of water on a shelf, paired with text declaring that the glass is, in fact, an oak tree.

Irish, b. 1941, Dublin, Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland