Michael Dean, ‘ll (working title)’, 2016, Nasher Sculpture Center

Image rights: All works by Michael Dean appear courtesy of the artist; Herald St, London; Supportico Lopez, Berlin; and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo. Photo by Kevin Todora for the Nasher Sculpture Center.

About Michael Dean

Michael Dean’s practice explores the relationship between text and physicality, as he creates artworks and performances from experimental writing and scripts, and photography out of sculpture. His installations show a poetic appreciation of space, balancing objects with precision and symmetry, but also humor. Favoring the textures of concrete, cement, paper, and unprimed linen, Dean shapes forms that are both abstract and representational—winglike planes and folded architectural shapes, playful cabbages and tongues. According to Dean, his art is “based on words composed from a typographic alphabet of his own design.”

British, b. 1977, Newcastle, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom