Michael Desutter, ‘Both Close And Out Of Reach’, 2016, Tappan

DeSutter's hand cut collages explore movement through the formal qualities of high fashion photography and everyday imagery. Meticulously cut and constructed, his two-dimensional compositions assume a sculptural appearance because of his acute attention to detail and strategic placement of his found imagery.

"My visual identity lives at the cross section of two predominant interests: the human experience and how we process information. The desire to work with vintage print material is born out of a quest to understand the human experience. Decades­-old magazines, newspapers, and notebooks are filled with human interest pieces that will never be recorded alongside more significant historical events.

The past is ripe with stories of individuals and cultures who underwent similar paradigm shifts to what we experience today; one can imagine the first telephone was met with the same skepticism and awe as the first iPhone." - Michael DeSutter

Pricing excludes framing, custom quote upon request.

Signature: Signed by the artist.

About Michael Desutter

based in Brooklyn, NY, United States