Michael Gaffney, ‘Muhammad Ali at the end of the last round against Leon Spinks’, 1978, Richard Beavers Gallery

As Ali strode back to his corner at the end of the last round, he raised his arms to the crowd’s thunderous roar, awaiting the judges’ decision. All the road work, the hun- dreds of sit-ups, the heavy bag and the endless rounds of sparring were in his dream of redemption to recapture the title. The judges awarded 4 rounds to Leon Spinks and Muham- mad Ali won the Heavyweight Championship of the World for an unprecedented third time.

Series: The Champ

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Michael Gaffney

The Champ is a perfect trilogy (The Man, The Fighter, The Greatest) in a year in the life of Muhammad Ali from 1977-1978 taking us on a journey with one of the most extraordinary people in our lifetime captured by award-winning photographer Michael Gaffney.

About Michael Gaffney

Irish American, b. 1949, Brooklyn, NY, United States, based in New Jersey