Michael Gumhold, ‘untitled (sculptors : secret : weapon #3)’, 2012, Georg Kargl Fine Arts

About Michael Gumhold

Working with a wide variety of media, Michael Gumhold’s installations and gallery interventions frequently feature word and object play, everyday items, visual quotations from conceptual and post-conceptual art (particularly the work of Bruce Nauman) and references to rock, heavy metal, and other elements of popular culture. For Untitled (2009), he arranged a corridor of cassettes in a manner similar to Nauman’s famed Performance Corridor (1969). Spectators that walk between the walls activate the space and produce sounds that are muffled by the walls, which are made from a material—casettes—that typically records sound. With characteristic, tongue-in-cheek playfulness, Gumhold suggests that these spectators walk in between “walls of sound”. Each work is a part of an iterative process that explores the ways in which words and objects intrude upon one another in unexpected ways.

Austrian, b. 1978, Graz, Austria, based in Vienna, Austria