Michael Hight, ‘Four Peaks’, 2012, Page Blackie Gallery

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About Michael Hight

With photorealistic accuracy, Michael Hight captures the often overlooked beauty in the most minute details of a landscape. A self-taught artist, Hight began painting at the age of 14; although oil painting remains his primary medium, he is also a sculptor and assemblage artist, fusing found objects such as tin, wood, and charcoal ash in his compositions (items often sourced from the particular locations he attempts to evoke.) Such places include landmarks from his childhood and the rural countryside of New Zealand; his best known work depicted manmade beehives set among the New Zealand landscape. These beehives become juxtaposed to the surroundings, where their angular geometry is in contrast to the organic, natural environment; however, through the consistency of Hight's color palette, he melds both worlds together.

New Zealander, b. 1961, Stratford, New Zealand, based in Auckland, New Zealand

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Michael Hight: The Miniature Garden, Page Blackie Gallery, Wellington

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2016, Page Blackie Gallery, Wellington