Michael Johnson, ‘Frontal’, 1968, Charles Nodrum Gallery

Signature: signed on reverse

Probably Michael Johnson, Gallery A, Sydney, October – November, 1968;
Art in BHP House, nd (c. 1975);
An Exhibition of Contemporary Australian Works of Art from BHP House, Myer Mural Hall, 23 August - 10 September, 1976, no. 23;
Bendigo Art Gallery, on loan 1995-2002;
Central Street Live, Penrith Regional Art Gallery and Macquarie University, November 2002 - May 2003;
Fresh Fields: Charles Nodrum Collection, touring Ballarat Fine Art Gallery & Benalla Art Gallery,
February – June, 2004, and Macquarie University, Sydney, November – December, 2004

Michael Johnson - see both Retrospective Exhibition catalogues - (Melbourne University and AGNSW) for related Frontal paintings;
Art & Australia, Vol 6, No 3, 1968, & Vol 6, No 4, 1969, for two Gallery A advertisements for Frontal Red, illus.
Daniel Thomas and Mervyn Horton, Present Day Art in Australia, Ure Smith, 1969, p 105, also for Frontal Red;
Barry Pearce, Michael Johnson, Craftsman House, 2004, p 71 for text on the Frontal works.

Kym Bonython;
BHP Collection, Melbourne, c. 1970 to 1988;
Private Collection, Melbourne, since then

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