Michael Jones McKean, ‘colors passing through us’, 2014, Emerson Dorsch

About Michael Jones McKean

Michael Jones McKean explores narratives constructed from the juxtaposition of incongruent materials and images in his assemblages and sculptures that incorporate handmade elements and appropriated readymade objects. McKean notes that viewers and consumers are adept at parsing complicated details in art and commerce: “There are moments when specific external details about an object, such as how it was made, or what it was made from, or its compounding meta-histories should surface. These details have the possibility to tell us about ourselves, our time, and belief in things.” In works such as we float above to spit and sing (2014), McKean reproduces stock photo imagery as painterly, abstract expressionist forms. He freely uses both figurative and abstract elements in his sculptures and assemblages.

Micronesian-American, b. 1976

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