Michael Kenna, ‘Philosopher's Tree, Study 1, Biei, Hokkaido, Japan’, 2004, Blue Lotus Gallery

Size above is size of mat including white border, image size is smaller.

Signature: Signed and numbered by artist in the back.

Image rights: © all rights reserved by Michael Kenna

Philosopher's Tree - solo exhibition with Michael Kenna at Blue Lotus Gallery 15-30 June 2018

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About Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna travels the world, attuned to the aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual resonance of natural and urban landscapes, which he seeks to capture in his exquisite black-and-white photographs. Kenna uses long exposure times and shoots in inclement weather to obscure the details of the vistas before him, instead emphasizing atmosphere, tonality, and form in his photographs. As he explains: “I prefer suggestion over description. I like to use the analogy of haiku poetry where just a few elements act as catalysts for one’s imagination.”

British-American, b. 1953, Widnes, United Kingdom, based in Seattle, Washington