Michael Kotel Bisbee, ‘Trouble at Sea’, 2018, Warehouse 1-10

Michael K. Bisbee is an American artist working with sculpture, painting, photography and video.
Bisbee’s ongoing series of paintings with the working title of ‘Trouble at Sea’ began in 2008, shortly after his move to rural New Mexico from New York, and continue to the present.

The series, which includes over 30 paintings has been limited in size to 20 X 14 inches, or assembled units of that dimension most of which employ a horizon line. Later works expand in size to 34.25 x 24.25. with broad areas of monochromatic color creating a sense of tension between the turbulent lower portion.
The artists states, “ “In Trouble at Sea 2018 the upper (atmosphere) portion is at odds with the lover (sea) portion addressing concerns of a changing climate in which the two are not a harmonious whole.”

Series: This work is part of an ongoing series called "Trouble at Sea"

Signature: Yes

Owned by the Artist.

About Michael Kotel Bisbee

United States, b. 1953, California, USA, based in New Mexico