Michael Landy, ‘Pylon Man’, 2017, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Courtesy of Michael Landy and Thomas Dane Gallery

Please note this work is sold framed.
Framed dimensions: 163.6 x 133.6 x 6 cm

Felix is seven years old and has already had more than 20 blood transfusions after being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, which leaves him feeling very tired and unable to fight infections.
He’s also living with autism, which means he finds it difficult to engage socially and is particular about certain things.
Felix is crazy about pylons, and when it came to his wish, he wanted to be the pylon-powered superhero alter ego that his Dad and sister Yael had created for him – Electroman.
On the day of his wish, Felix and his sister were given their very own custom-made one-of-a-kind superhero costumes – complete with logos! Once kitted out, Felix – now Electroman – flew in a helicopter over pylons before he heard about an emergency on board an easyJet flight at nearby Luton airport.
Joined by his sister as sidekick Sparkgirl, the duo jumped on board the aircraft to inspect the aircraft and Electroman re-energised the electrics with his superpowers.
The superheroes saved the day and the crew and passengers cheered and high-fived the pair before jetting off on their holidays!
After their epic day, our superheroes went on to a special party with Felix’s school friends where a specially designed 3D Pylon cake was waiting for them.
Felix’s Dad, Steven, said, “The wish was amazing. It was wonderful to see the huge smile on his face as the helicopter took off, to see him controlling the camera that was filming the pylons from the helicopter, which he operated like a pro, and then to celebrate with all his friends at a birthday party afterwards. To see him this excited has been such a pleasure.”

This event is being run through Make-A-Wish Promotions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK to which it gifts any profit. The Art of Wishes is a joint event and the profits will be split equally between Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK (295672/SC 037479) and Make-A-Wish Foundation® Israel (580258820).

Image rights: © Michael Landy, courtesy of Thomas Dane

About Michael Landy

A member of the Young British Artists (YBAs), conceptual artist Michael Landy produces installations that comment on consumerism. For his best-known work Break Down (2001), Landy gathered all of his worldly belongings, including clothes, postage stamps, a car, and works of art by himself and other artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, and installed them in a former shop space in central London. After cataloguing all 7,227 items, Landy destroyed them on an assembly line with the help of 10 workers. None of the remaining rubbish was sold, and Landy made no money from the project. “I’m always trying to get rid of myself,” Landy said of the piece. “That’s the closest I’ve ever got.” In Art Bin (2010), Landy invited members of the public, collectors, and artists to dispose of artworks in a giant transparent container installed in a London gallery. In recent years, Landy has also produced etchings of weeds in the traditional style of botanical studies.

British, b. 1963, London, United Kingdom