Michael Lange, ‘F004’, 2015, Robert Morat

All sizes include both parts of the Diptych.

Series: BERG

Image rights: Michael Lange / courtesy Robert Morat Galerie

About Michael Lange

Michael Lange is one of Germany’s foremost landscape photographers. Self-taught, Lange worked as a photojournalist from the late 1970s for publications including Time and Newsweek, before turning to his own artistic projects in the ’90s and producing internationally acclaimed images. In the “WALD” and “FLUSS” series, he captures richly detailed forests in downpours at dusk or twilight; their color gradients and nuanced shadows create an atmospheric quality with an air of German Romanticism. Other subjects include black-and-white urban locations and anthropological scenes from his travels.

German, b. 1953, Heidelberg, Germany