Michael Leavitt, ‘Think 6 Million Forms of Communication’, 2013, Jonathan LeVine Projects

About Michael Leavitt

Michael Leavitt is best known for his “Art Army” series, a collection of handmade action figure toys of well-known artists, including James Turrell, Warhol, Banksy, and Ai Weiwei, which reference the signature practice of subject’s work. Sculpted in clay and finished with paint and mixed media, the figures satirize the relationship between consumer and celebrity cultures and contemporary art, reducing art figures to caricatures. Working under the name Intuition Kitchen Productions, Leavitt has produced a variety of conceptual art projects, performance works, animations, and curio-kitsch objects; “The Penny Places” is an ongoing series of pennies found in the street, which Leavitt paints with miniature landscapes that depict the locations where they were found. He has also experimented with architectural structures, such as his set of Portable Homeless Shelters, built from recycled materials and deployed in Seattle since 1999.

American, b. 1977, based in Seattle, Washington