Michael Lucero, ‘Anthropomorphic Baby’, 1995, Ferrin Contemporary

Signature: signed and dated by the artist, 1995

"EXPOSED: Heads, Busts, and Nudes", Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams, MA, June 18- August 7th, 2016

Donna Schneier Fine Arts, Palm Beach, FL, 2008.
From the artist's collection.

About Michael Lucero

Michael Lucero’s painted clay sculptures are surreal blends of folk ceramic traditions, abstract painting, reptilian forms, body parts, and plant-like structures. “I really love to mix materials,” he says. “I truly believe that my world has informed my work and will continue to do so. I try to think of the material of clay as a metaphor and remind myself of the artifacts that we have in our culture that I can comment on with my work.” He incorporates different stylistic references from pre-Columbian, Native American, European, and American folk art traditions, combining classical art references with techniques and imagery traditionally excluded from the canon.

American, b. 1953