Michael Manning, ‘Jalapeno Lemonade’, 2015, Johannes Vogt Gallery

About Michael Manning

Michael Manning’s practice in painting, video, sculpture, and digital work explores the relationship between technology and the analog. Working both online and with objects, the Los Angeles–based artist has said his work concerns “ideas about the internet, and technology, and the necessity of the object in a time when photography and the distribution of JPEG images and all sorts of documentation are prevailing.” Although Manning began his practice working exclusively in the digital sphere, he began to create paintings of his online images. The artist produces his paintings using touch-screen tablets or image software such as Photoshop, but he exhibits them as 3-D prints. Using familiar imagery with abstract gestures, the paintings question the fluidity between material and digital culture and objects.

American, b. 1985, New York, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

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