Michael Michaeledes, ‘Composition’, 1961, Pandolfini
Michael Michaeledes, ‘Composition’, 1961, Pandolfini

Signature: signed and dated on the back

Galleria Trastevere, Roma 1957

About Michael Michaeledes

Michael Michaeledes is a self-taught painter known for his stretched-canvas pieces that are equal parts painting and sculpture. Michaeledes, who was raised in Egypt and Greece, studied art and architecture in Europe. His first works were naturalist and representational landscapes made using washes of pigment on paper and canvas. Michaeledes’ style grew more abstract over time, and finally he abandoned the use of paint entirely, working with just canvas and wood. For these works, which came to be analogous with his mature style, Michaeledes shaped and warped wooden frames across which he would stretch unprimed canvas. The final pieces have shallow reliefs that cast deliberate and geometrically patterned shadows. Michaeledes explains that his inspiration for these works are the stark marble reliefs of Ancient Greece.

British, b. 1927, Cairo, Egypt, based in London, United Kingdom

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