Michael Miller, ‘Dazzle 1’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

“Dazzle camouflage conceals by revealing. The paradox is not as unusual as it may seem. Artists do it all the time. We all do it, whether we're aware of it or not.”

  • Michael Miller 2014

About Michael Miller

Michael Miller is primarily an abstract painter, but his diverse training in multiple mediums influences his techniques and methods. Miller studied painting with Paolo Frosecchi and instructors at the Art Students League of New York, including Bruce Dorfman, Kikuo Saito, Frank O’Cain, and Larry Poons. He was also an active photographer at an earlier point in his career. One of the most formative experiences of Miller’s professional life took place in 2006 when he moved to Mapuo, Mozambique and developed a love for Mapuo designs and the religious objects and crafts of sub-Saharan Africa. Today, Miller paints on both primed and unprimed canvas to better “incorporate visual contamination” in his work. He also makes assemblages with painted canvas cutouts suspended by wire in wooden boxes.


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